International Food Festival

A Huge thank you to Joel MacKenzie with the International Food Festival for standing in solidarity with Union Locals IBEW 2324 and CWA 1400. All members in these locals, with valid picture ID, will have free admission to the 5 day food festival, coming up Memorial Day Weekend (May 26 – May 30th) @ the Big E fairgrounds.

Bring your family, kids under 12, military, Fire and Police are always free!

For more info please click here!

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Regional Bargaining Report Saturday May 7, 2016

Following our meeting with Verizon on Monday, the CWA District 1/IBEW Local 2213 and IBEW New England Regional Committees met with the Company in off record discussions over call sharing, The union committee continued to meet throughout the week to discuss our next steps.

On May 5, CWA members and allies brought the Verizon strike to the company’s shareholder meeting in Albuquerque, NM. Dozens of strikers flew out from the East Coast and were met by their sisters and brothers in New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado. Over 250 people protested outside the meeting. Inside, CWA activists spoke on shareholder resolutions and presented more than 300,000 petitions from customers to CEO Lowell McAdam.

Later, 15 union members and community supporters were arrested, after they draped a 70-foot banner reading “Verizon: Good Jobs, No Greed” across Rio Grande Blvd and then sat down under the banner to block traffic.

“As long as corporate executives put short-term profits ahead of the workers who make those profits possible and the communities they promised to serve, the calls for a change of course at Verizon will only grow stronger,” said protestor Bianca Cunningham before she was arrested alongside fourteen other protestors for civil disobedience. Cunningham is a former Verizon Wireless worker who was fired in September while helping her fellow employees form a union.

National Day of Action

CWA members, activists and allies held a National Day of Action to focus attention on Verizon’s corporate greed. The 39,000 CWA and IBEW members remain on strike, pushing the company to stop offshoring jobs and to keep good jobs in our communities, so customers can get the quality service they deserve.

More than 400 protests were held nationwide, at Verizon Wireless stores and other locations in dozens of cities. In New York City, some 2,000 workers, supporters and elected leaders marched to a Verizon Wireless store on Wall Street.

Read more about the Day of Action and all the latest on the Verizon strike at and


Keep the picket lines at Wireless strong, and keep following the scabs. The company will get the message–they will not break us.


We will win.

Stay strong.

Solidarity forever!

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Important Information Regarding American Income Life Insurance Company

To all members of this Local that have Life Insurance policies through American Income Life. Our servicing representative from AIL dropped of waiver forms to this hall.

Strike waiver provides for waiver of premium while the insured is on authorized strike and hereby prevented from engaging in his/her usual occupation. One month of premium is waived for every month of the strike. If the strike lasts less than a month, one month of premium will be waived. The maximum waiver is 12 months.




For more information call this hall.

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Massachusetts Health Care Navigators in Western Massachusetts

Here is a list of Navigators for healthcare in Massachusetts. These people will help you navigate through the process of obtaining healthcare.


Caring Health Center


Region: Springfield metro area

Address: 1049 Main St., Springfield, MA 01103

Phone: 413-739-1100



Ecu-Health Care

Region: Northern Berkshire County

Address: 99 Hospital Avenue, Suite 208, North Adams, MA 01247

Phone: 413-663-8711



Hilltown Community Health Care Centers

Region: The Hilltowns of western MA (11 towns in Hampshire and Hampden counties)

Address: 58 Old North Road, Worthington, MA 01098

Phone: 413-238-5511



Tapestry Health

Region: 14 locations in the 4 counties of Western Massachusetts – including Springfield, Pittsfield, Greenfield and Holyoke

Address: 296 Nonotuck Street, Florence, MA 01062

Phone: 413-586-2016800-696-7752




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Regional Bargaining Report Thursday April 28, 2016

Today, Verizon presented what it described as its “last, best, and final offer” to your bargaining teams in Philadelphia and Westchester.

Unfortunately, their “last and best” was little more than the “same old bullshit.”

Here’s what they offered that was new: an additional 1% in wages, one year of corporate profit-sharing, and at last, they backed off at least part of their demand to be able to transfer workers for two months anywhere in the footprint. (They are however, still insisting on the right to transfer workers out of state for two months if the worker can commute home in the evening).

We of course welcome higher wages and these other changes.  But what good is a wage increase if we cannot ensure that our jobs will be around a year or two from now?

The company’s latest offer fails to address the union’s commitment to preserve job security and good jobs for our members in our communities.

·         There was no movement on the closing of call centers, which could lead to subcontracting and offshoring of our work.

·         They barely budged on the issue of protecting our share of the call center work.

·         They gave us an insulting proposal on contracting out plant work that does not return any contracted work to the bargaining unit, but might possibly slow down further contracting in the future.

·         Preservation of the “job security letter” is still linked to declaring surpluses by organization and eliminating seniority protections for transfers.

·         They are still looking to reduce our disability benefits.

·         They are still proposing to freeze pension accruals at 30 years.

·         There is still not one word about improving the wages, benefits and working conditions of Verizon Wireless retail store employees or a fair contract for the VZW techs.

Even before the company finished up this insulting presentation, it posted videos on its website designed to persuade our members that this was a reasonable offer and that we should end our strike.

Your bargaining committee was infuriated by this move in particular, and blasted the company for its arrogance and unwillingness after 10 months of bargaining to address the concerns of 39,000 CWA and IBEW members from Massachusetts to Virginia.

As usual, we are prepared to continue bargaining towards a fair contract.  The company can call  their proposals whatever they want: “last, best, final”; “first and worst”; “the greatest thing since sliced bread.” Calling it the “last, best and final” is just a tired way of trying to intimidate our members into accepting a contract that we can’t live with.  It hasn’t worked in the past, and it won’t work now.

We will continue bargaining and striking until we get the contract that you deserve.  The strike is incredibly effective.  Picket lines are strong across the footprint. Business in Wireless stores has plummeted.  The scabs are making mistakes right and left, endangering themselves and the public with their unsafe practices—two of them nearly electrocuted themselves cutting a LIPA electric line in Garden City yesterday, and others dropped a telephone pole on a customer’s house in New Jersey—and they are failing to get any work accomplished.  A restaurant in New Brunswick featured a sign in the window that their online reservations system has been down because Verizon couldn’t fix their internet for 8 days, and that Verizon was being very unhelpful.

We are continuing to escalate the strike.  We are spreading picketing at Wireless stores across the country.  We are headed to the shareholders meeting inAlbuquerque a week from today.

Meanwhile, your bargaining committee is working on next steps and will keep you posted on any new developments in bargaining.  Stay strong, stay united, stay militant.  We are winning.

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