Verizon Member Assistance



Donations are being received into the IBEW Unity Fund to assist members during a time of critical need. The Unity Fund is not for everyday expenses of members but limited to emergency basic needs. Members can apply for assistance to a committee that has been established in each of the Verizon areas. The committee will review the application and determine if there is a need for emergency relief. The committee will evaluate the need and make a recommendation to the International Office for final approval.  The amount and extent of any emergency relief assistance is limited to the available funds donated to the Fund.


Below are the general guidelines for receiving emergency assistance from the IBEW Unity Fund:

  1. You must be a member in good standing in order to be considered.
  2. Members that are currently receiving disability payments from the company will not be considered.
  3. You must maintain active picket duty if physically capable.
  4. It is up to the member to first contact and to try to make appropriate arrangements with creditors before asking for assistance.
  5. If you receive money from this fund and end up crossing a picket line you WILL be responsible to reimburse the fund.

 Unity Fund Medical Assistance Application

Unity Fund General Assitance Application

For more information and any questions please contact:

Local Vice President Brian Stanton at (413) 351-1997

Also, Applications can be emailed to :